Enlivening Artificial Intelligence

Who we are

Our Mission

We are a team of experts and researchers with a deep understanding of the state-of-art methods in Data Warehousing and Data Mining, and in Image and Speech Recognition and we combine that knowledge with Mobile and Embedded Development. We know, from experience and through research, how to combine several methods for feature extraction in all those different domains, how to use different methods of classification by using the most advanced neural-networks or other types of classifiers. This also applies to extracting hidden knowledge from the classical Information Systems, in Business Intelligence applications.

“To enliven Artificial Intelligence by creating systems that personify the ultimate intelligent being.”

Our Vision

“NI TEKNA is determined to move the frontiers of the cutting-edge research and to continually advance state-of-the-art technologies, while developing advanced products and solutions that will bring profit, growth and satisfaction to our loyal customers.”

Our name

"Ni tekna" in Macedonian means "We have invented it!" or "It is our idea!". First it was my idea, then I have presented it to my colleagues and we have discussed it. After improving it, we can proudly claim:
NI TEKNA - We have invented it!